World Flute Society


"Morning Star"




Flutist: Kevin Locke


 "Morning Star" comes from Kevin's CD, Midnight Strong Heart. From the CD liner notes: "As a small child I loved listening to the first full-length recording of a traditional Indian singer, Ed Lee Natay's 1951 recording on Canyon Records. My favorite song on this recording was his rendition of the "Zuni Sunrise" song. Years later, during performing tours with Zuni tribal members, they would invariably include this song in their repertoire. My version is slightly modified, and I dedicate it to the Morning Star, the first point of light on the horizon of a new day, the star that appears at the darkest hour before the dawn and signals the inevitable transition from the cold, dark, lifeless night into the color, movement, fragrance, and beauty of the day. From time immemorial, the doors of the homes constructed here in North America have been oriented to embrace the Morning Star. I believe that we are to embody those virtues contained in this ancient symbol.