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Native American Flute, Native American-Style Flute, and American Indian Flute Makers


Please Note: A listing in this directory does not constitute an endorsement. Research a flute maker prior to making a purchase.

Cultural Note: Generally speaking, a "Native American flute" is a contemporary instrument made by a tribally-enrolled craftsperson. A "Native American-style" flute is a contemporary instrument made by a craftsperson who is not Native American in heritage and not tribally-enrolled. An "American Indian flute" is a traditionally-made instrument crafted by a tribally-enrolled flute maker. To show compliance with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 and its subsequent amendments, flute makers should and do indicate the category of instrument that he or she crafts.


4HIM Flutes - Flute Maker: Harold Chambers
Description: Native American-style flutes, drones, unique tunings, pentatonic minor, meditation

4 Winds Custom Flutes - Flute Maker: Brad Young
Description: Biographical information, flutes for sale, CDs for sale

Anasazi Dream Flutes - Flute Maker: Mark Purtill
Description: Modern versions of ancient flutes and folk flutes. Anasazi-style flutes, Mojave-style flutes, mediation flutes, Namasté flutes, Native American-style flutes, diatonic rim-blown flutes, transverse flute, biography, CDs

Artem Repin Native American-Style Flutes - Flute Maker: Artem Repin
Description: Flutes for sale, videos, customer feedback, flute archive gallery, FAQs, wood and tuning information

Bedford Avenue Flutes - Flute Maker: Mark Bickett
Description: Native American-style flutes for sale, biographical information, flute gallery, local lesson information, show schedule, shop pictures

Buffalo Moon Flutes - Flute Maker: Keith Glowka
Description: Flutes made from bison horns with Native American-style tuning, and ceramic didgeridoos and udus

Burning Wood Flutes - Flute Maker: Keith Oberdieck
Description: Flutes for sale, sound samples, customer reviews

Butch Hall Flutes - Flute Maker: Butch Hall
Description: Biography, flutes, books, and CDs for sale, order information, and photographs of Butch making flutes in his shop

Catahoula Flutes - Flute Maker: Rand Rowe
Description: Native American-style flutes, biographical information, flute history

Coyote Oldman Music - Flute Maker: Michael Graham Allen
Description: Native American flutes, replicas, rim-blown flutes, CDs for sale, biographical information, blog

Crazy Bear Flutes - Flute Maker: Bob Carlson
Description: Flutes for sale in hardwoods, softwoods, and exotic woods; policies and warranty information
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Custom Flute Shop - Flute Maker: Jeff Calavan
Description: Biography, endorsements, custom flute details (wood, carving, painting, etc.), ordering

dg Hatch Flutes - Flute Maker: dg Hatch
Description: Native American flutes for sale, biography, photo galleries, news, blog

Dragonfly Flutes - Flute Maker: Tahoe Larry
Description: Biographical information, flutes for sale, reviews, chatroom, accessories

Dreamwind Flutes - Flute Maker: Lee Entrekin
Description: Native American-style flutes and drones, custom orders, flute definitions, Jack Thomas tribute

Dryad Flutes - Flute Maker: John Sherman
Description: Festival schedule, audio samples, CDs for sale, flute gallery, flutes for sale, testimonials

Eagle Wind Flutes - Flute Maker: Jonathan Maracle
Description: Hand crafted traditional Native American flutes and drums, CD

Ellis Flutes - Flute Maker: Geoffrey Ellis
Description: Flutes for sale, sound samples, biography, endorsements

Farpoint Flutes - Flute Maker: Lee Nix
Description: Biographical information, flutes for sale, photo gallery, video and audio samples, flute key sound samples, testimonials
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Fire Flutes - Flute Maker: Craig Noss
Description: Awards, flutes

Flanagan's Native American-Style Flutes - Flute Maker: Charles Flanagan
Description: Making flutes since 1995, phone: 951-741-0155

Flauta Nativa Ashar - Flute Maker: Ralph Ashar
Description: The voice of nature in bamboo flutes! Handmade flute of all tribes!

Flautas De Amor - Flute Maker: Daniel Gutierrez (Colombia, South America)
Description: Native American flutes for sale

Flight Feather Flutes - Flute Maker: Utah Farris
Description: Native American flutes for sale, photo gallery, appearance schedule, biographical information, CDs for sale

Flutes by Nash - Flute Maker: Nash Tavewa
Description: Native American-style flutes, double flutes, clay flutes, ocarinas and whistles, drums, death whistle, CDs

Flutewalker Native American-Style Flutes - Flute Maker: Werner John
Description: Flutes for sale, CDs for sale, events, news, calendar, biographical information, video sample

Fretwell Flutes
Description: Flutes for sale, audio samples, CDs for sale, flute bags, instruction books

Green Grass Flutes - Flute Maker: Geri LittleJohn
Description: Traditional Woodlands Native American flutes

Hawk Henries
Description: Eastern Woodlands flutes and music, biographical information, philosophy, highlights, testimonials, flutes for sale, flute making workshops, education presentations, performances, interfaith events, composition projects, workshops

Heartsong Flutes - Flute Maker: J.P. Gomez
Description: Flutes for sale, endorsements, instruction and care, CD for sale

Heart Song Flutes (Canada) - Flute Maker: Rommy Verlaan
Description: Biographical information, about the flutes, flute gallery, testimonials, flute care

High Spirits Flutes - Flute Maker: Odell Borg
Description: Native American flutes, ocarinas, hoop drums, songbooks, CDs, DVDs, flute package deals, flute stands, bags and cases, flute care kits, video, playing tips, newsletter, blog
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Island Flutes - Flute Maker: Ray Wood
Description: Bamboo flutes, drone flutes, Native American-style flutes

Jim Gilliland Flutes - Flute Maker: Jim Gilliland
Description: Flutes for sale, biography

Jim's Flutes - Flute Maker: Jim Verrelli
Description: Flutes for sale, CD for sale, wooden flute care and use, beginner flute care and use, a flute is born, appearance schedule

Jon Norris Music and Arts - Flute Maker: Jon Norris
Description: Flutes for sale, folk string instruments for sale, kalimbas, moyo drums, flute bags, guitar slides, blog, biographical information, show schedule

Journey of Life Flutes - Flute Makers: Dan and Jean Selchow
Description: Flutes for sale, biographical information, selecting a flute information, wood descriptions
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KKFlutes - Flute Maker: Kenny King
Description: Flutes, flute stands, flute bags, photos

Kuzin Bruce Flutes - Flute Maker: Bruce Belmore
Description: Native American-style flutes

Laughing Crow Flutes - Flute Maker: Richard Maynard
Description: Native American-style flutes, instructional materials, CDs, downloads, gallery, soundfiles

Little Raven Flutes - Flute Maker: Jeremy Baer
Description: Pendant flutes, Native American flute-ocarina hybrids, divided-bore double flutes, custom Native American flutes, flute making workshops, flute photo gallery

Magic Wind Flutes - Flute Maker: Chuck Pavey
Description: Native American-style flutes for sale (Plains, custom, drones, Woodlands), information about the flute, about the maker

Meadowlark Flutes - Flute Maker: John Kulias
Description: Ceramic Native American-style flutes for sale with various glazing techniques, biography, news, events

Mike Turner Flutes
Description: Biographical information, Native American-style (Pueblo) rim-blown flutes for sale

Mockingbird Flutes - Flute Maker: Larry Evans
Description: Biographical information, honors, endorsements, blog, appearance schedule, flutes for sale, Celtic whistles for sale

Mosom Flutes (Canada)- Flute Maker: Ned Bear (Plains Cree)
Description: Traditional Native American flutes for sale, biographical information, masks, pawakan: spirit guides, audio samples

Mother Earth Natural Branch Flutes - Flute Maker: Danuwa Analihi Adonvdo
Description: Making flutes for 6 years, flutes for sale, CDs, biographical information, crafts

Mountain Spirits Flutes - Flute Makers: Danny Bigay and Kay LittleJohn
Description: Biography, flutes and CDs for sale, ordering information, links, news.

Mystic Flutes - Flute Maker: Jim Bixel
Description: Flute gallery, flutes for sale

Natural Winds Flutes - Flute Maker: Bob Nelson

Northern Arapaho Flutes - Flute Maker: Herb Welsh
Description: Native American flutes for sale

NZT Design Flutes - Flute Makers: Dennis and Kapotahi Frederiksen
Description: Native American-style flutes, New Zealand Maori flutes and instruments, custom permanente peyote beading to flutes, carvings and designs, flute wood burning and painting, decoration, beadwork, flute cases, flute stands, drums, rattles, drum making classes, and flute playing workshops

Oregon Flute Store - Owners: Jeff and JoAnn Calavan
Description: Merchandise information (flutes, stands, cases, CDs, tapes, books), links, endorsements, flute playing and making tips

Pat Haran Flutes - Flute Maker: Pat Haran
Description: Native American-style flutes, artist's bio, gallery

Peaceful Sounds in Alaska - Flute Makers: Jason and Annett Leyva
Description: Flutes for sale, biographical information, videos, audio samples, testimonials; For Sale - CDs, instructional materials, exotic woods and flute blanks, flute racks, flute making tools

Peaceful Spirit Flutes - Retailer: Terry Mack
Description: Native American-style flutes, flute bags

Quahada Winds - Flute Maker: Tony Babbitt
Description: Flutes for sale, flute maker biography, guarantee, flute gallery, links, news, CDs for sale

Querencia Woodwinds - Flute Maker: Rich Halliburton
Description: Native American-style flutes for sale, biographical information, blog, testimonials

Rain Spirit Flutes - Flute Maker: Rick Svitzer
Description: Flutes, flute stands, and flute bags

Rambling Flutes - Flute Maker: Joe Silvia
Description: Handmade Native American-style branch flutes tuned to A=440; E-mail:

Raven Wing Flutes - Flute Maker: Frank Harter
Description: Flutes for sale, biography, flute gallery, flute events

Redbird Flutes - Flute Maker: Roger Bennett
Description: Flutes for sale, flute guide, news, about Redbird Flutes

Richard T. Anderson Native American Flutes
Description: Native American-style flutes for sale, made from cherry, walnut, Western red cedar, sassafras, and red oak

Rising Moon Flutes - Flute Maker: David O'Neal
Description: Native American-style flutes for sale, audio samples, flute gallery, show schedule, biographical information, awards information

Sevenwinds Flutes - Flute Maker: Michael Fuger
Description: Native American0style flutes, flute care and maintenance, how to play the flute, flute resources, how does a flute work, flute construction, biographical informaton

Shades of Rez Custom Flutes - Flute Maker: Tim Blueflint
Description: Flute maker biography, photo gallery, flutes for sale, links

Southern Cross Flutes (New Zealand) - Flute Maker: Todd Chaplin
Description: Flutes for sale, video tutorials, flute lessons, flute retreat information, biographical information, audio files, books, CDs, flute cases, hand drums, testimonials 

Spiral Flutes
Description: Handcrafted river cane flutes

Spirit of the Woods Flutes - Flute Maker: Ed Hrebec
Description: Flutes for sale, flute care, biography, flute gallery.
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Spirit Winds Flutes (Australia) - Flute Makers: Tony and Deb Richards
Description: Biographical information, flutes for sale, blog, CDs for sale, Outback sax, testimonials, audio samples, flute circle

Spirit World Flutes - Flute Maker: Lee Westover
Description: Artisan crafted Native American-style flutes for sale, flute wax, frequently asked questions, flute maker bio

Stellar FlutesFlute Makers: Tom and Lily Stewart
n: Flutes for sale, Native American-style flutes, Middle Eastern-style flutes, drone flutes, flute making kits, video tutorials
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Stonelaughter Flutes (United Kingdom) - Flute Maker: Tom Kelsall
Description: Flutes for sale, sold flute gallery, flute history, flute mechanics

Sun Dog Flute Works - Flute Maker: Kent Bush
Description: Biographical information, flute care, flute information, flutes for sale

Suzanne Jean Flutes - Flute Maker: Carl Gullang
Description: Flutes for sale, audio samples

Temple Wind Flutes - Flute Maker: Craig Paterson
Description: Rim-blown flutes, Kung Fu staff flute, bamboo sax, transverse flutes, natural branch flutes, and Native American-style flutes for sale; accessories; photo gallery; biographical information; CDs; blog

Theodore Ceplina Flutes
Description: American Indian replicas, instrument repair, quenas, Native American flutes, photos, biography

Three Leaf Native American Style Flutes - Flute Maker: Stephen Grosvenor Meier
Description: Flutes for sale (Woodland, Anasazi, Mojave); biographical information

Tom Gustin
Description: Maker of traditional handmade flutes

Tree of Life Designs - Flute Maker: Ed Dougherty
Description: Biographical information, flute care, flutes for sale, blog

Turtle Island Flutes - Flute Maker: Al Cleveland
Description: Flutes for sale, special offers, appearance schedule, resources

Turtle Mound Flutes - Flute Maker: John Ellis
Description: Flutes for sale, guitars, hand drums, songbooks, accessories, CDs, songs,

Uguna Flutes - Flute Maker: Geoff Norman
Description: Flutes for sale, links. photos, bio.

White Crow Flutes - Flute Maker: Barry Higgins
Description: Website of White Crow Flutes.

Wind River Flutes - Flute Maker: Dr. Oliver W. Jones
Description: Brief history of the Native American flute, flute gallery (historical and those made by Dr. Jones), audio samples, links

Wispa Flutes - Flute Maker: Steve Carpenter
Description: Hand-crafted bamboo Native American-style flutes

Woodland Voices Flutes - Flute Maker: Colyn Petersen
Description: Flutes for sale, custom wood burning, brief flute history, technique tips, flute care instructions, artist biography
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Woodsounds Flutes - Flute Maker: Brent Haines
Description: Flutes and flute accessories for purchase, design-a-flute option, newsletters, flute care, finger charts, sheet music, flute festivals, videos, testimonials

WrenSong Flutes - Flute Maker: Judy Robinson
Description: Native American-style flutes made from wood and tree branches; also makes kanteles; PDF ebooks for Native American flute and ukulele; biographical information

Yazzie Native American Flutes - Flute Maker: Marvin Yazzie
Description: Native American flutes, photos

Yellowknife Flutes - Flute Maker: Fred Yellowknife Keams
Description: Navajo flutes for sale, audio samples


Makers of Irish Flutes and Whistles


Abell Flute Company - Flute Maker: Chris Abell
Description: Boehm-system blackwood flutes with sterling silver keywork; blackwood-and-silver whistles in several keys.

Angel Ridge Woodwinds - Flute Maker: Sean O'Malley
Description: Irish flutes; recording, performance schedule

Antique Sound Workshop, Ltd.
Description: Dealer in Irish flutes by several makers

Casey Burns 
Description: Flute and bagpipe maker

Copley Flutes - Flute Makers: David Copley and Marlene Boegli
Description: Flute catalog, Boehm headjoints, biographical information, care instructions, sound clips, photo gallery

Folkers and Powell Baroque Flutes
Description: Six- and eight-key wooden flutes

The Flute Maker - Flute Maker: Tyrone Head
Description: Specializing in exotic hardwood fipple flutes; an Irish whistle with the sound and feel of quality; video and sound samples; flute construction; flute stand; also makes silver fipple flutes

The Irish Flute Store - Retailer: Blayne Chastain
Description: Irish flutes, Irish whistles, flutes, Native American flutes, pipes, cases, other instruments, CDs, tutorials

John Gallagher (304-636-8688)
Description: Maker of wooden flutes, several models available

Martin Doyle
Description: Flute maker since 1983

Michael Grinter
Description: Wooden flutes and recorders

Parks Whistles - Owner: Carey Parks
Description: Whistles for sale, gig bags, hats, cases, racks, blog, playing instructions, and more.

Patrick Olwell
Description: Makes keyless and keyed simple-system flutes in D, C, Bb, and other keys, styled after Rudall & Rose, Nicholson, and Pratten Perfected.

Peter Aschenbrenner
Description: Maker of wooden Irish concert flutes, wooden whistles, low whistles, bamboo flutes, and various bodhran sticks.

Peter Noy Flutes
Description: Keyed and keyless flutes for Irish music, Baroque and Classical flutes, wood headjoints for Boehm flutes

PG Bleazey Woodwinds - Flute Maker: Phil Bleazey
Description: Maker of simple system flutes based on Rudall Rose, with or without keys; wooden whistles and recorders.

Sam Murray
Description: Well-known Irish flute maker, makes keyless and keyed flutes.

Skip Healy
Description: Keyed and keyless flutes with sterling silver tenons and sleeves; based on a Boosey Pratten Perfected, but with radical alterations to tone holes, embouchure, and head joint design.

Sweetheart Flute Company - Flute Maker: Ralph Sweet
Description: Keyless and keyed Irish flutes, Baroque flutes, Irish whistles, fifes, tabor pipes, rare and antique instruments, books, CDs, DVDs, biographical information, testimonials, finger charts

Terry McGee (Australia)
Description: Makes flutes for Irish, classical, and early music; repairs and restorations, finger charts, wooden flute plans, comprehensive historical flute study information, flute research, flute innovations, biographical information

Windward Flutes - Flute Makers: Forbes and Yola Christie
Description: Biographical information, design, craftsmanship, restoration and repairs, Windward Pratten, keyless Pratten, Windward combo, keyed Pratten, Windward C flute


Makers of Central and South American Flutes 


Enrique Rueda
Description: World music performer of unique instruments and multimedia artist; biography; art video; great quena maker. - Flute Maker: Tyrone Head
Description: Quena for contemporary and Andean folk music; specializing in exotic hardwood Peruvian flutes; video and sound samples; quena construction; playing instruction; maintenance

Quena Mall - Flute Maker:: Angel Sampedro
Description: Offering a wide variety of professional premium quenas made of fine woods and distinct bamboo species. We also offer shakuhachis, bamboo recorders, flute bags, and sheet music for quena.
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Xavier Quijas Yxayotl
Description: Mayan music and clay flutes and ocarinas; biography; performance history/schedule; achievements; video


Makers of Asian Flutes


Bamboo Winds Shakuhachi Gallery
Description: Select shakuhachis for sale, shakuhachi care and feeding

Mujitsu/Taimu Shakuhachi - Flute Maker: Ken LaCosse
Description: Flute making approach, shakuhachi for sale, repair, blog, news, flute bags

One World Flutes - Retailer: Kirti L. Shah
Description: Large selection of bansuris, fine quality flutes that reflect professional concert standards, customized bansuris available

Ricardo Zapata Shidoshi
Description: Maker of shakuhachi

Tai Hei Shakuhachi - Flute Maker/Retailer: Monty Levenson
Description: Shakuhachis for sale, endorsements, accessories, repair and restoration, playing guides and books, sheet music, CDs, DVDs, videos, photos, tools, bamboo

Yung Flutes - Flute Maker: Perry Yung
Description: Traditional Zen and modern shakuhachis for sale, repair and restoration services, guides and videos, blog, biographical information


Makers of Maori Flutes


Jade and Bone - Flute Makers/Instrument Makers: Brian Flintoff and Clem Mellish
Description: Biographical information, artist gallery, sound gallery, instruments for purchase, wearable art

Neptunes - Flute/Instrument Maker: Robbie
Description: Robbie is of Maori descent and creates the koauau (flute) and the putatara (trumpet)


Makers of Overtone Flutes, Fujara, and Kavals

Max Brumberg Flutes
Description: Makes overtone flutes, fujara, double flutes, Moldavian and Turkish kavals, Native American-style flutes, multi-tuned triple flutes, Algoze/Satara double flutes, hiking-stick flutes, hornpipes; gallery, CDs, audio and video samples, playing techniques, testimonials, performance schedule

Winne Clement
Description: Makes fujaras, overtone flutes, double flutes, Moldavian kavals, Native American style flutes, experimental flutes, biographical information, testimonials, gallery

RP Kavals and Bagpipes - Flute Maker: Radoslav Paskalev
Description: Biographical information, materials of construction, flute making video, Bulgarian kavals and bagpipes for sale, videos


Makers of Ocarinas

Hind Musical Instruments
Description: Wooden sweet potato ocarinas, inline ocarinas, ocarina flutes, mouth organs, African Mahogany cases, rhythm rocks, photo gallery, videos, historical information, finger charts, care instructions, free songs, biographical information

Xavier Quijas Yxayotl
Description: Mayan music and clay flutes and ocarinas; biography; performance history/schedule; achievements; video


Makers of Middle Eastern Flutes

Arab Instruments
Description: Original and handmade instruments; free worldwide shipping; music samples of all instruments; ney/kawala, qanun, darbuka, oud, riq, oud tuner, forum, blog, reviews