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First Flute - Keeping the Lakota Culture Alive (Educators: Kevin Locke and Richard Dúbe)
Description: The vision for this course has been to re-introduce the traditional indigenous flute to the Lakota and other cultures in a way that allows children to hear and learn the songs and sing the language, whether or not they become proficient flute players. The program includes an introduction to the birth of the indigenous flute, an opportunity for each participant to assemble one of the flutes, and an opportunity to learn the basics of playing flute music using the songbook provided.

Kevin Locke's partner in this curriculum, Rich Dubé of Northern Spirit Flutes, taught the indigenous North American flute in Canadian schools. Rich is also responsible for the manufacturing technique that makes these replicas of the indigenous flute affordable, bringing the traditions and the music to a wider audience.

Flutes4Kids Program, Northern Spirit Flutes
Description: The Flutes4Kids program gives a large discount to both teachers and people working with youth who are at risk of not meeting their full potential on an order of materials to build 25 or more Native American-style flutes made out of food-grade ABS plastic. The Native American flute helps kids who have challenges and difficulties in their lives to connect in a meditative way to themselves, to a part of their being that needs nurturing and healing; engaging students in active hands-on learning; providing a positive reason to come to school

SongKeepers Educational DVD
Description: SongKeepers is an amazing documentary every Native American flute enthusiast should have in their collection. SongKeepers 2010 includes the original SongKeepers movie from 1999 plus eight teacher edits (all videos under 10 minutes in length) put together for use by educators

Putumayo Kids World Music Adventures

Daria – World Music for Children 
Description: Travel around the world in song 

The Rough Guide to World Music for Children

World Playground with Putumayo
Description: "The World Playground" is a weekly one-hour musical journey for kids of all ages to experience the best in world, folk, blues, jazz and more, all while learning fascinating facts about kids and family life in other cultures half a world away! Tune in to SiriusXM twice a week! Saturday 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST and Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. EST

PBS Kids Go! Global Groovin’

Article: “Using World Music to Introduce Children to Other Cultures”

Children’s Songs Sung by Native Language Speakers

Songs For Teaching - Multicultural Music: Songs that Build An Appreciation of Diversity

Countries and Cultures Coloring Pages 

World Youth Music Organization
Description: Mission - For children everywhere to realize their full self-expression, inherent dignity, and worth through the beauty and power of music

Smithsonian Folkways for the Classroom
Description: The Smithsonian Folkways network of music educators has published more than eighty lesson plans for grades K-12, all available for free download. There is also a Tools for Teaching Pinterest Board. Teach music from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and everything in between.

Description: The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Program for Music Education and Community Outreach; features the Arab-Jewish world music ensemble, Shesh Besh (flute, violin, viola, oud, nay, Eastern violin, double bass, deff, darbuka)

Songs for Teaching
Description: The definitive source for educational music. Creative teachers can use music to teach content across the curriculum, to students of all ages. Thousands of children's songs, lyrics, sound clips, and teaching suggestions.