World Flute Society


Recording Labels and Studios

Ahwatukee Productions
Description: Offers recording services, mixing, and mastering; can create background music

Altera Orbe
Description: Altera Orbe is an independent music label that focuses on the promotion and diffusion of space, electronic, tribal, and dark ambient music genres.

Canyon Records
Description: Recording and distributing Native American music since 1951.

Cló lar-Chonnacht
Description: Irish music, Irish books, and Irish publishing

Compass Records
Description: Compass Records is a new breed of roots-music label: eclectic, sophisticated, and artist-friendly. It is the place to go for Celtic and roots music.

Maggie's Music
Description: Features contemporary, acoustic, and early music instruments in new and innovative settings from ancient to modern times with special focus on Celtic (Irish and Scottish) and seasonal music.

Makoché Recording Company
Description: A company inspired by ancient traditions. The music presented by Makoché is influenced by Native American culture, both traditional and contemporary.

Putumayo World Music
Description: Established in 1993 to introduce people to the music of the world's cultures.

Rounder Records
Description: Folk, country, bluegrass, blues, and world

SilverWave Records
Description: A Leader in Contemporary Native American music, world music, and New Age music for more than 20 years.

Spirit Wind Records
Description: Music from Native America; Founded in 1999, Spirit Wind Records strives to produce/promote artists that span musical genres from traditional drum, flute, country, folk, New Age, "Native Heart, to Native rock.

Two Dogs Studios
Description: Mission statement, biographical information, music recordings, upcoming performances, fine arts prints, videos