World Flute Society


World and Folk Flute Retailers

Elderly Instruments
Description: Recorders, Irish low whistles and tin whistles, tuners, metronomes, music stands
Description: World music instruments and accessories; world flutes and folk flutes and whistles

FolkFriends - Extraordinary Music Instruments
Description: All types of folk instruments, including various types of world flutes; books, CDS, and DVDs; accessories

Gandharva Loka (The World Music Store)
Description: World instruments for sale

Hobgoblin Music
Description: Established in 1976, specializes in folk and acoustic musical instruments; recorders, simple system flutes, low and high whistles, siku, panpipes, ocarinas, samba whistles

House of Musical Traditions
Description: World and folk flutes and whistles, world and folk woodwinds, world percussion, world stringed instruments, music books and learning materials, accessories, used instruments, rentals, lessons, workshops, repairs, appraisals

Lark in the Morning
Description: World flutes and other instruments
Description: Recorders, Irish flutes and whistles,accessories, bodhráns, concertinas, percussion, stringed instruments, CDs, books, gig bags and instrument cases, microphones, tuners 

Mid-East Musical Instruments
Description: Designs and creates handcrafted, historic, and ethnic instruments from rich cultures around the world: strings, winds, drums, and percussion. Sells flutes, whistles, and ocarinas.

The Irish Whistle Store
Description: Irish whistles, about the maker, playing tutorial, videos

Vintage Instruments
Description: Vintage flutes and other instruments